GHD Hair Straightener Reviews.

Since I acquired my first GHD hair straightener a lot of years have passed. I have even put it somewhere on the attic together with some other frank trash. After many years though, when I stumbled on this GHD, I have suddenly realized how many years it had served me so well, and after using many different models I could even say that I missed it. To give the proper tribute to the GHD, I’ve been left with no choice then to provide some of its review, which could also help you consider whether or not you should get yourself on of these hair straighteners.

  • I have bought a GHD a long time ago on the flea market, as I was fooling around with my sister and looking for some Christmas gifts for our home folks. I didn’t think twice when buying that model, because it actually was on a 70% discount and, it looked outright fantastic. Indeed, I’ve hardly ever seen the hairstyle tools looking so attractive, and if not the design I wouldn’t even look at it or notice it among the piles of absolute rubbish, scattered in abundance here and there. Being a Christmas gift, it was important for it to have a great look, and even if it would not turn out any good, at least my mother would experience some pleasant surprise while unboxing my gift. Years have passed and I even forgot about that item, until suddenly I saw it in our new house inside the desk. My mom has taken it with her, and so I guessed it was just something of sentimental value to her. When I asked playfully if she still remembers this item, she has answered hastily, saying that she actually loved using it. Without wanting to get into details I just took the way she spoke about it, and so decided to leave the review.
  • Browsing for different junk for my hair salon, I’ve stumbled upon GHD and decided to give it a try, as I’ve been having shortage of hair straighteners, maybe like 2 or 3 left at that moment. So I ordered my GHD online, and soon I had the chance to unbox it… Unboxing the GHD was like unboxing a Christmas gift, as it looked so bright, and actually reflected the light in many different shades. I knew that it looked cute, when I saw it on the picture online, but I would never guess that it looked THAT cute in reality. Being of pinkish color, it quickly became my favorite, and I’ve been using only that one since then. In terms of performance, I will tell you honestly that they are all the same, but when it comes to the cuteness, they become completely different. For some salons, I would say it’s better to stick with classic black and pure metallic colors. But for me, I’ve never followed these color themes and always chose the items occasionally.